Visit of Han Netherlands University Students to Magelang Nursing Study Program

Magelang – Wednesday, March 27, 2024. Han Netherlands University students visited Magelang Nursing Program. They were taken around to the rooms in the Magelang Nursing Study Program, introduced by the lecturers of the Magelang Nursing Study Program about the contents of the rooms they visited. They also did a podcast that discusses how the education system and conditions in each place of origin.

Then, at around 13.00 West Indonesia Time, they along with a team of guides from the magelang nursing study program headed to bandongan village to continue their visit to the bandongan puskesmas in the community mental health nursing program. There they met with the manager of the Bandongan community health center, the local village government, and several people with mental disorders. The event ended with a group photo, between the han university students, the guide team, the puskesmas manager, and the local village government.

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