Kategori D3 Keperawatan Magelang

BTCLS 2023 MGL 0

Basic Trauma & Cardiac Life Support Training for Prospective Graduates of Magelang Nursing Diploma III Program and Magelang Applied Nursing Bachelor’s Program

Accidents or disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Nurses, as the first line of emergency response, must be able to handle issues resulting from accidents or disasters quickly and accurately. Therefore, nurses...


Student Sports Community Activities (Komunitas Kegiatan Mahasiswa Keolahragaan) for Nursing Students at Magelang Diploma III Program and Magelang Applied Nursing Bachelor’s Program

The agility and skills of students in the field of sports are constantly given the opportunity for further development. Semarang Health Polytechnic provides a multipurpose facility that can be used for student activities, including...


The Academic Community of the Nursing Program in Magelang Participates in the Competency Test Webinar by Semarang Health Polytechnic

In anticipation of the competency test for healthcare professionals graduating in 2022, Semarang Health Polytechnic organized a competency test webinar to deepen insights and provide an overview of the test’s implementation. The event was...

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